Klimaregistereinheit with Polybuten Tube

Klimaregistereinheiten are comprised of highly flexible polybuten tubes that are impervious to oxygen diffusion. The plastic tube is suitable for working temperatures of up to 70° Celsius and an operating pressure of 10 bars with longevity of up to 50 years.
They are installed on site into large extruded aluminum profiles. These are held together by a combination of custom made profile rails and a rubber contact seal. The rubber contact seal ensures a perfect thermoconductive contact between the plasterboard and the Klimaregistereinheit. Thus a closed off, flush unit is being achieved. The Teilregister have a meander shaped pipe installation and are installed 50 mm apart in order to facilitate specific power adjustments. The cooling ceiling system is distinguished through the possibility of on side assembly and therefore offers a high level of flexibility. The units’ terminal connections are laid through the ceiling void towards the site of distribution and connected hydraulically.


High performance in heating and cooling
small gaps and evenly distributed surface temperatures
no splitting of the system
due to a polybuten tube impervious to oxygen diffusion
minimal space requirements
installation even under adverse conditions
flexible scope for design
for architects, minimal effort to implement changes during construction
high flexibility
optimal adaptation to spatial conditions
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