Klimaregistereinheit with Copper Tubing

Klimaregistereinheiten are comprised of storm tested copper tubes that are impervious to oxygen diffusion. They are integrated into large surface heat conducting profiles made of aluminum. The copper tube is suitable for working temperatures of up to 70° Celsius and an operating pressure of 6 bars.
A conventional substructure consisting of C ceiling profiles is the basis for this kind of cooling and heating system. The heating and cooling pipes with the aluminum heat-conducting profiles are integrated into this substructure in such a way that the modules are preloaded as soon as the covering GK sheets have been installed.
In this way we achieve a closed off, flush unit that facilitates an optimal, thermoconductive contact between the plasterboard ceiling and the cooling and heating system. Several options can be used for the plasterboard ceiling: conventional plasterboard, gypsum board, or highly thermoconductive plasterboard with graphite sheets. In any way, the heat conductivity of the different materials needs to be considered. The Teilregister have a meander shaped pipe installation which makes it possible to perfectly attune the power adjustment to the necessary pipe spacing.


High performance in heating and cooling
small gaps and evenly distributed surface temperatures
no splitting of the system
due to a copper tube impervious to oxygen diffusion
minimal space requirements
installation even under adverse conditions
flexible scope for design
for architects, minimal effort to implement changes during construction
high flexibility
optimal adaptation to spatial conditions
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