Perfect Climate

Surface heating and cooling systems work without causing a draft and are completely noiseless. The heat is transmitted over large-scale surfaces thus resulting in only small differences between the room temperature and that of the room areas. This effect is mostly brought about by heat radiation, which produces a natural and pleasant room climate.
Due to the large heat exchange surface, the system’s small pipe distance, and the close proximity of the pipes to the surface, all rooms and surfaces can be efficiently and evenly brought to a comfortable temperature. A thermostat allows an adjustment of temperature in each room individually. Therefore, every user can enjoy the exact same conditions.

Economical and Environmentally Friendly

Surface heating and cooling systems are directly installed beneath the desired area, thus making radiators and air cooling units obsolete.
The system reacts quickly to changes due to the surface-near installation so that the active room areas reach the desired temperature in just a few minutes. This prevents high flow temperatures and significantly reduces energy consumption. Surface heating and cooling systems are perfectly suitable for use with environmental technologies like solar collectors and heat pumps. We only use corrosion-resistant components such as synthetic materials, red brass, brass, and stainless steel in order to preclude siltation.

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